What’s the Plan?

Recently, in the last few weeks, since graduation is 35 days away from today, April 8,  I have been receiving basically the same question asked in many different ways. So what’s plan after graduation? Where have you applied? What are you doing? Where have you been looking?  Are you thinking about grad school? Who are you going to live with? Are you leaving Milwaukee? Are you going to live at home?

This same question makes me run a little harder each time I think of it because I know what I want and I’m going to do it no matter what. We all will as grads.

I usually remain with fitness blog posts, hence the name Dirty Shoes, but this week I had to do a quick interchange of posts. I needed to share what my dirty shoes self has been thinking of these question lately and how I really want to respond to it.

First of all, yes, I am graduating. Yes, I have been applying for jobs. No, I have not yet gotten a job, but yes, I am still searching. And for the record, I am moving back to Minneapolis, so my dirty shoes can get a taste of what it is like to be home again. Yes, I will live with my parents, which in all honesty I can barely wait to do.

I have been away from my family for four years, and when I say that, I just mean I haven’t lived at home for four years. Of course, I have been home for breaks and such, but it’s not the same. Being at home means walks with Rick (our English bulldog), reality TV with my mo, and running the trails with my dad. Oh and of course Mario Party with my brother. Lol, we may be a little old for that. But living at home will be good for a bit, and then I will get on my feet again and do it on my own.

This is our bay window in our kitchen at my home in Minneapolis. It’s so awesome to come down to this after a good nights sleep.

Rick, our English bulldog, he was quite tired in this picture.











Second of all, I am not scared to graduate. Yes, I may be a little apprehensive to the whole “adulting” thing, but I think I can honestly say I am ready to be done with school. I am ready for a regular work schedule. Eventually, ready to take on those student loans, utility bills (eek) and Wi-Fi of course, so I can keep writing for all of you.  A regular work schedule also means a consistent workout schedule, which means more dirty shoes time.

Third of all, I am happy to know that people are so quick to question what my “plan” is because I would hope that are wondering for the greater good of my future, not they are just nosy. Hell, it could be both. But I can contently say that I am not sure. It still has to be written, and for all of you soon-to-be grads that are in the same boat, I am with you in this. That “plan” that everyone keeps mentioning is so mysterious, and I keep wondering what the heck they are referring to.

Then I remember they are not in my shoes to understand what it is like to be a recent grad today. There are so many opportunities out there for us grads. We just have to go get them. No one can truly understand what you really want as a career, but I hope to show them all soon what I truly want, what I have been working for during my four years at Mount Mary University.  

To close, note that “my plan” is still not figured out, but I cannot wait to figure it out. Many miles and steps taken in my dirty shoes have helped me get to where I am today, and I know they will continue doing so in the weeks to come.

Yes, I wore my retro Saucony Jazz sneakers with tights and a skirt. I clearly didn’t give a hoot this week.











Happy planning?!

Dirty Shoes out.


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