Where I’m From

*Emony uses her prolific voice to express her emotions and feelings in creative words 
towards the city she is from* 

I am from cries for help
Form oppressed voices
I am from the movement
Dirt in your cuts
Salty tears
I am from the Louise
The Dorothy Ann
Whose lugs I feel clasp
Fail, like I can’t Breathe

I am from buttermilk pancakes
From collard greens and tamales
I’m from the high school dropouts
From the pop lockers
I’m from the illiterate
And the violent
From mommas tears
And bullet wounds
With chicosticks
And Tupac’s lyrics

I’m from Cameron and Steinmetz
From those Urlacher's days
Diddy boppin and harlem shaking
Diaper changing followed by sleepless nights
I am from family dinners without mommy
Calls from daddy, money from pete
Kisses from grandma Ann
Hugs from grandma Vicki
Carmel skin, curly hair
From the street art, bandas and juke parties
Demanding Change
With dreams bigger than me

I am from the forgotten
From the motherland
I’m from humbolt park
The in between spaces that everyone forgets to fill
Lack of punctuation
From the niggas
Baby making R&B
And soul music that guides you through saying your last goodbye

I’m from red flagging
Police chasin
Noise makin rebels
From the grandfather clause
The one that was erased but is still in place cus my people still ain't voting 
cus white man killing us any way
I am from guilty until proven innocent
And the self hate that was created 400 hundred years ago

From the misogynistic melody that makes my hips move
I am from the you got some good child barring hips
I’m from the constant rape of my name
The girl can I fit in those jeans
hugging my hips for dear life
Every curve
And crease perfectly sits in his hand
From the give me name back

I am from pretty hurts
Scares nobody could ever see
But no makeup could never really cover it up
I'm from please don't leave me
Anxiety attacks
Pass the blunt
Hennything is possible
From social media
Where we hide
And did you really think I loved you

I'm from a tree
Life grows
From those who are hung by society
I mean we did it collectively
Nobody spoke up
We knew what was happening
No daddy
Sugar daddy

I am from I'm sorry
The system aint made fa you
They claiming you like property
Feeding you posion
From chains and whips
Cracks and broken back
Cotton pickin slaves
Ceazar Chaves hunger
And riots of ‘68
I'm from hands up don't shoot
Like that last the breath
Taken without cause

I’m from Chicago
Down in slums hanging with bums
Thick imagination
I am from the tired
And used
From the jungle
Eat or be eaten
Kill or be killed
We play a game with our lives
Blame them
Cus we can't admit that we feed off the pain of our brothers
Im from lack of communication
Lost connection
I am from cries without tears
From greed
And jealously
Praying for my city


  1. Wow. Your words give me chills… when I read them aloud I feel we share a similar passion and goal. You and I are a part of something MUCH larger and it starts with love, compassion, and genuine connection. Keep writing and SHARE SHARE SHARE your beautiful talent, I got your back. Much love keep on keepin on ??


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