Working out for $40 or less

I work at a resale shop in Brookfield, Wisconsin called Clothes Mentor where women can sell used clothing for cash and buy brand name women’s clothing. It only has women’s clothing, not men’s. Clothes Mentor’s philosophy is that men do not recycle their clothing enough for them to carry clothing for men. 

I started working at Clothes Mentor when I was in high school and was so lucky to have found one when I moved here to go to college. There are currently 10 Clothes Mentors in Minnesota and three in Wisconsin. If any readers are familiar with the Minnesota area, I worked for the Edina Clothes Mentor and the Minneapolis-Calhoun location, which is now closed.  

You could say I have accumulated a lot over the past few years from being an avid customer before working there to now working there almost full time. Everything I own clothing wise is from there.  I have collected garments for all categories, including ones specifically for my dirty shoes needs.

Today, I want to share with you how I found a killer workout outfit for less than $40. The simple secret is Clothes Mentor. I am sure you can find one too, if you stop into one of our stores.

So let’s begin.

Bottoms: Black Athleta Leggings $16

I absolutely love these leggings. They are stretchy and airy. The new trend with workout leggings is the whole idea of mesh fabric on your legs, so your legs are really exposed. How awesome is that? Not only is it hot but it is functional. They look sexy if you’re trying to show off your legs.

Now mind you, I got my leggings for $16. When you compare the resale price to the retail price, it is jaw dropping. These stealth mesh leggings are a little different than mine but definitely comparable.











Top: IVY PARK Athletic Tank $8

I scored on my IVY PARK athletic tank because this line is somewhat new, so to find it already in a resale store is exciting. This brand was designed by Beyonce, and it’s all athleisure wear.  Originally this top is about $30, but I paid only $8. To me, it’s worth sweating in one time to feel like I got my money’s worth. I was so thrilled that this top was tight fitting because when I am doing a lot of arm workouts at the gym, I like when the shirt is able to move with my body as I move through the different exercises. This v back mesh tank is my exact one, except mine is orange.











Shoes: Asics-Gel Cumulus 18 $16

Gel-Cumulus 18, a dirty shoes ultimate favorite.

Now once in blue moon,  you can score brand new athletic shoes, and this was one of those times.

I bought a brand new pair of Asic running shoes for $16 that usually cost $120. I snagged these shoes as soon as I saw them hit the buy counter because I know my running shoes, and I couldn’t wait for these to become apart of my dirty shoe collection.

They are still on the web, Gel Cumulus 18, and on sale right now for $99, but if you’re lucky, I’d give Clothes Mentor a try. Maybe you’ll find a pair there.

So readers, there you have it. I got three essentials for working out for less than $40. It’s hard to do that at Dick’s Sporting Goods, TJ Maxx, or even Athleta, but it’s possible at Clothes Mentor.


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