Worth the Trip: Urban Beets Cafe in Milwaukee


Urban Beets Cafe,  a locally owned and operated raw juice bar and cafe located at 1401 N. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in downtown Milwaukee, is not easily missed. It is bright and alive and is just a couple of minutes away from downtown.  Urban Beets Cafe was opened in 2016 by a Milwaukee native who is also vegan. With its bright lights and welcoming atmosphere, it is truly a unique place to be. 

When I first walked in, the first thing that I saw was the bright letters UB. As I walked into the building I noticed the unique decorations and the fresh fruit and veggies by the counter. There are also colorful chairs that will brighten your day.  The smell of the food is delicious and even a non-vegan like myself would easily be pulled in with the aroma.

The atmosphere was also perfect and the employees were kind and welcoming. They were happy to answer all of my questions. Urban Beets doesn’t just cater to its vegan customers, it also appeals to many customers who are non-vegan as well. I walked in at a time where they were serving both breakfast and lunch. I was hungry, but also extremely curious, so I decided to order both breakfast and lunch.

Urban Beets Cafe mainly focuses on unique bagels that are out of this world, but it also provides other items such as sandwiches and delicious smoothies. The menu is adorable and features many mouth-watering dishes.


I usually order the everything bagel, which has most delicious bagel that I have ever tasted. This time, I wanted to try something different. For breakfast I ordered the carrot bagel. It was amazing. It had a soft sweet crunch taste and it was worth every penny.  I would order it again in the future for sure.

I also ordered the Urban Beet burger. It wasn’t my kind of a sandwich. It was too sweet and chewy. Without the seasoning it would taste plain.  The gluten-free oats and the seeds were not appealing to me.  I asked a friend to try it and she liked it. She said with flavor it was great. So, I wouldn’t not try on my account. Everyone has different taste buds and what is bad to me could be good to you. It is one dish that I would have to pass on. Although I did not order the everything bagel this time around, it is still one of my favorite breakfast dishes at Urban Beets Cafe. I also ordered the sunshine juice and it was amazing. The citrus melted in my mouth and I am positive it is in my next order.


The prices are pretty fair for a vegan restaurant. They are between $3.95 and  $12.95.  It is inexpensive and whether you are a vegan or not, I highly recommend it.  The food is delicious, the employees are nice and for those who love to drink they even have a bar. It is one of the first vegan restaurants that I discovered in Milwaukee, and even though I am not vegan I still go occasionally for the amazing food.

Do you like vegan restaurants? If so what are your favorite ones, that you would recommend?


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