Alumna hired as campus ministry director


The Campus Ministry office, located on the first floor of Caroline Hall, is as warm and inviting as the new director occupying it. Lea Rosenberg’s short, light brown hair framed her smiling face and a feeling of security and comfort filled the office as she talked with a confident tone.

Rosenberg is a Mount Mary College graduate with degrees in theology and history. Besides being a Mount Mary alum, Rosenberg has been involved with ministry from an early age.

“I feel like I’ve always been involved with ministry. I was an alter server and it snowballed from there,” Rosenberg said.
Rosenberg has been involved with other various positions that include ministry work, such as the TYME OUT Youth Ministry and Retreat Center, located in Nashotah, Wis. This is a popular place for groups to reflect on themselves and work on team-building with activities such as moving a marble from one end of the room to the next while only having a few pipes to work with, requiring the team to constantly move and work together to accomplish their goals.

She spent roughly six years there prior to coming to Mount Mary and said, “It taught me a lot about myself and the type of career that I wanted. Plus, it gave me the confidence I needed to work in ministry. My role there was to lead retreats for middle school, high school, college and some adult groups.”

Part of being a good leader is creating a comfortable environment for others. Her office contains a comfy couch with a print of pink flowers and a rocking chair for visitors to make themselves at home. It also has the beginnings of what will be a great space to entertain anyone who might be seeking some guidance. Pictures of herself and her husband are propped up carefully on the desk, indicating her family is as important as her faith.

This enthusiasm and love for people are partly why she wanted to be the director of Campus Ministry. Rosenberg wants “to be the kind of person to help students with their journey.”

Rosenberg frequently stated she would love to create a place for a student of any faith to feel welcome and accepted. As the director of Campus Ministry, Rosenberg is creating new ways to bring Mount Mary students together through ministry in a fun and engaging way.

“I work on planning activities that help a person to grow spiritually and to be able to recognize the holy in other people. Some current activities that are happening are Monday Reflections, which is a mini-break to grow in your spirituality; Sunday night mass; Thursday fellowships, which is a chance to share breakfast together; and the Alternate Spring Break. I also lead a leadership retreat with Amy Danielson of student engagement,” Rosenberg said. “Besides planning those activities, I’m also here for students to come and talk to me if they have any issues.”

One of her favorite activities is to have a conversation with a student who drifts into her office. These interactions are among the many things she looks forward to having as the new director of Campus Ministry. “I want people to be able to see Campus Ministry as a place for people to come and grow,” Rosenberg said.


Lea Rosenberg brings experience to her new role as Campus Ministry director.









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