Athletic director focused on visible growth


Athletic director Michelle Guyant-Holloway started her career in athletics and higher education right out of college. She spent six years as a basketball coach for Shenandoah University in Virginia before moving back to Wisconsin.


Mount Mary College welcomed new athletic director and Milwaukee native Michelle Guyant-Holloway to the athletic department last August.

With more than 15 years of experience, athletics has always played an important role in her life, both as a coach and as a fan. Of all sports, basketball is her favorite to coach and play.

“It’s fast-paced so it keeps people’s attention throughout the course of the game,” she said. Guyant-Holloway is dedicated to Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 9.09.21 PMbuilding the school’s athletic department.

“My goal as athletic director… is to increase our student athlete squads for our teams so that we have a full roster for each of our sports,” Guyant-Holloway said. “And then to showcase and get us more visible in the Mount Mary community and outside of the Mount Mary community.”

To accomplish her goals, Guyant-Holloway has worked on utilizing the Bloechl Center in order to increase student and faculty interest in sports and fitness.

“We’re looking to liven up the gym and the center more,” Guyant-Holloway said. Students such as Katie Edwards, sophomore softball player, are excited about the new coach and her goals for Mount Mary’s athletic department.

“Michelle is a key part in our transformation in improving Mount Mary athletics,” she said. Fellow head soccer coach Joe Shokatz is also confident in her vision.

“She is also very understanding, compassionate and really motivated to do a good job,” Shokatz said. “To me, she has great passion to make Mount Mary a great school for athletes and academics.”


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