Best original screenplay WILL be ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Wes Anderson's screenplay deserves to win on the Oscar's fateful February  night.

Wes Anderson’s screenplay deserves to win on the Oscar’s fateful February night.

Flash forward a week, it’s the 85th Academy Awards. The warm breeze of Los Angeles air meets at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  It combs through the heads of the divas and is flamboyant of Hollywood. The signature luxurious, red carpet is rolled out.

Now, it waits for the pointy heels and the polished leathers of  celebrities. Specifically, the Oscars will return for another celebratory awards ceremony February 24. The Oscars is the equivalent of the Super Bowl for my mother and I:

  • 1) We make sure both of us are free from work and find a couch to share.
  • 2) My mother ceremoniously eats Ben and Jerry’s New York Fudge and I opt for Ben and Jerry’s anything.
  • 3) The nomination insert from the Sunday newspaper sits on the coffee table, her choices are marked in red ink and mine, in blue ink.
  • 4) My father retires to his room to read after complaining about how much focus society puts on celebrities.

This year, I am very excited for this year’s Academy Awards for one nomination in particular in the Writing Original Screenplay category: Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola for their work in “Moonrise Kingdom(Anderson is also the director and producer of “Moonrise Kingdom“).

Their stellar, dark comedy has been on my radar for a long time. I ‘m ecstatic to see this nomination come to fruition. If you haven’t seen the movie, there is still hope. Even seeing the trailer, the audience gets a glimpse into the genius of Wes Anderson.

Wes Anderson has been a leader of eclectic and independent (indie) style since his debut of “Bottle Rocket” with the young duo, Owen and Luke Wilson. He has carved his way among materialistic movies and settled as an indie writer of other newly minted classics including:

  • “Rushmore”
  • “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”
  • “The Royal Tenenbaums”
  • “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”
  • “Fantastic Mr. Fox”

“Moonrise Kingdom is full of witty dialogue. When Sam asks her how she injured her hand, Suzy replies, “I got hit in a mirror…I lost my temper at myself.”

Anderson achieves distinct and succinct dialogue with help from his quirky characters. Anderson captures innocence, infatuation and adventure of tween love. At one point, Sam asks Suzy “Are you de-pressed?”

The movie isn’t just stellar for its writing; it is a beautiful depiction of an idyllic world. We follow the characters from grassy lands, kitsch homes, and a misty, sandy shore. These are visually appealing sets which lets the reader live vicariously through bucolic lives.

The casting is superb:

  • Bill Murray
  • Jason Schwartzman
  • Bruce Willis
  • Francis McDormand

(Is this a different award? If not, use the actual title or it’s confusing?) Hopefully originality will win on that Sunday night and Wes Anderson will nab the nod for Best Original Screenplay.

Since “The Oscars,” and specifically this nomination is my equivalent of the Super Bowl,  my team deserves to win! As a creative writer myself, I have found Anderson’s screenplays to be a great inspiration. If he wins that shiny gold Oscar, it will give me hope that the tables will turn in my favor one day.

Sunday night, my blue ink circle will be right on the spot, pending for the show to begin. But until then, I raise a lonely, Ben and Jerry-less spoon to Wes Anderson.

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