Bigger, bolder holiday hairstyles make the cut


Kim Kardashian flirts from the cover of Glamour magazine, her jet black hair ponytailed and resting demurely at the nape of her neck. Rihanna smirks, daring with her fiery red tresses swept into an updo, while J-Lo flaunts her tousled brown curls from the cover of OK! USA. As usual the celebrities have them, but what trendy new hairstyles are hitting the Midwest for you this holiday season?

Peter Glynn, co-owner of MG & Company Hair Salon in West Allis, whose streaks of red, black and brown in his asymmetrical cut speak to his rebellious nature, said, “We’re close to what the coasts are doing because technology has really lessened the gap.”

Glynn continued, “What’s in their [the customer’s] head is what counts. You have to be open to what a client is looking for regardless of your opinion.” MG’s haircuts range from $20-$41 and color from $17-$85.

Although perusing through magazines is a start, you may wonder whether a particular style suits you. Glamour magazine’s special November edition, “1,000 Do’s and Don’ts to Live by Forever,” advises you to be realistic as you begin this decision-making process.

Glamour suggests, “Do get inspired by celebs. Their ever-changing locks are a great source of ideas for little changes and major transformations.” However, it cautions, “Don’t get deluded by celebs. They’ve got a team working around the clock on hair triage. It’s an impossible standard for mere mortal hair to aspire to.”

If you’re committed to spi-cing up your “do,” you’re in luck. There’s a diverse group of hairstylists right here in the Milwaukee metropolitan area that offer free consultations, so be sure to check for an expert before making an appointment.

The Consultation

For the best results “book early in the day while we’re fresh and not running behind schedule,” Glynn suggested. He begins the consult with, “What don’t you want to see?” and continues with questions about your job, lifestyle, dress, morning routine and how much time you’re willing to devote to your style.

The Right Cut

After the consult, the next step is the right cut. Glynn sees this season’s styles sporting clean, straight lines along the entire perimeter of the cut, including the bangs.

“There’s less scissoring or layering, not as wispy or broken up, but more homogeneous. And the styles are big. Updos are more calmed down and classic, but bigger,” Glynn said. He recently recreated Sandra Bullock’s soft, blow-dried look for a number of his clients.

One of his particularly adventurous customers, Linda K., welcomes Glynn’s experimentation when it comes to hair trends. “Do what you want, Peter, I trust you,” she said. “It’s your hair, I just wear it!”

Celebrity influences also emerge at Hair Essence Design Studio, Ltd. in Franklin, the workplace of Lauryn Shadd and Greta Blundell, both 22-year-old junior stylists. A precision cut with a finished style is $34 and color ranges from $29-$88.

“Taylor Swift and Victoria Secret waves, or what we refer to as beach waves, are popular this fall,” Shadd said. “There’s curliness, scrunching and big hair, and it looks like body wave perms will be coming back.”

Thirty-year-old Liz Oettiker has been a faithful Hair Essence customer since high school and is a current client of Blundell’s. “I’d follow Greta wherever she went,” Oettiker remarked as she admired her newly-acquired, long-layered beach waves.

The Right Color and Accents

After the cut, it’s on to color and accents. Only a few blocks from the Milwaukee County Zoo, The Innovators Salon and Spa with its jungle motif, exemplifies the infusion of boldness this season. Haircut prices range from $22-$42 and color enhancements average $35-$80.

“Styles show more fullness and more dimensional colors, or what we refer to as tone-on-tone,” said owner Pat Guzman. “They are brighter with lots of accents.”

Many of Guzman’s clients enjoy the unconventional look of featherlinks, feathers the stylist attaches with a bead to the root of the hair. Featherlinks come in a variety of sizes and colors and last for about two months. Guzman credits American Idol’s Steven S. Tyler for this craze.


Guzman also carries a line of hair extensions for that dramatic splash of color. Extensions can simply be clipped to straight hair or, for curly hair, styled in a zigzag barrel or wave pattern.

Twenty-four-year-old Kate Scherer is pleased with the diversity of Innovator’s services. As stylist Traci Dorn towel-dried Scherer’s blond-streaked hair, Scherer said, “I come here because I know they do an awesome job… I literally let Traci do what she wants with a little bit of input from me. I walk out happy knowing that I was well taken care of.”

Since styles are constantly changing, Shadd’s salon recently sent her to Las Vegas for the Paul Mitchell Gathering, a cosmetology seminar that got her fired up about this season’s revolutionary trends.

“You’ll see more caramels, auburns and reds for the winter, and the worn-out look — a look that gives dimension by adding more high or lowlights,” Shadd said.

“Big flowers are in, especially for wedding parties,” she continued, “As well as one of the very, very newest trends — tinsel tied to individual strands of hair.” Also known as hair sparkle or hair bling, the tinsel strips can be curled, flat-ironed, combed and blow-dried.

“You can get a ton or just a few in any color. It’ll be great for the
holidays,” Shadd said.

As an alternative to this season’s bigger, bouncier styles, Celestine, owner of Celestine’s African Hair Braiding in Milwaukee, offers an array of braids including micro, French and kinky twists, an art she learned as a child in West Africa. Braid prices range from $30-$200, depending on the length and texture of the hair, and Celestine feels they’re a good investment.

“Braids work for all ethnicities and hair types and require little maintenance, lasting for two-to-four months,” Celestine said. And if you’re looking for that extra holiday flair, she can braid in extensions of orange, burgundy, yellow or light brown.

The Right Decision

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s no time to waste. So, grab your planner, the “Yellow Pages,” and book those



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