‘Duck Dynasty’ soars over this blog

duck huntingAs you all know, I am a huge fan of “Survivor.”  Because I am a huge fan of “Survivor” it means I enjoy reality television.  Some people flat-out Hate reality T.V. which is understandable when there are shows like “Teen Mom,” “Jersey Shore” or “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” promoting and applauding bad choices like teen pregnancy, unintelligent minds and cattiness.  But there is one reality T.V. show that has grown on me AND is family friendly…it’s called “Duck Dynasty” (clever alliteration A&E, clever).

If you have seen pictures of men with long hair and beards wearing hunting clothes, then you’ve seen the men in charge of the multi-million dollar company Duck Commander and stars of the A&E show “Duck Dynasty.”

The show focuses on the lives of the Robertson family. A family of avid hunters that runs a successful business producing and selling duck calls.  So you’re probably wondering why that would make a good T.V. show?  Here is my response:

First, the Robertson family is a modern day success story of the “American Dream.”  I admire the fact they followed their passion: hunting.  They didn’t need to follow their passion though.  Phil Robertson, the grandfather figure of the show and founder of the company, could have had a successful career as an NFL quarterback as he was ahead of Terry Bradshaw for Louisiana Tech football.  But Phil decided against playing in the NFL as the schedule conflicted with duck hunting season.  Needless to say, it worked out in the end for the Robertson family (and Terry Bradshaw).

Second, I find that the family members are hysterical. They’re not afraid to speak their minds and don’t take offense easily.  One of more memorable characters is Si Robertson (Phil Robertson’s brother).  As a Vietnam veteran, Si is well known for his embellished stories and lighthearted remarks.  Here are only a handful of Si quotes:

“Look here beavers you better hide your wife hide your husband and both of you hide your kids we’re coming”ducks

“I dreamed that a lion was eatin’ a hyena!”

“First it’s pretty tires, then it’s pretty guns…next thing you know, you’re shavin’ your beard and wearin’ capri pants.”

“I sting like a butterfly and punch like a flea”

As colorful of a character Si is, the rest of the Robertson family is equally hilarious and entertaining with witty one liners together with their southern accents.

Third, the show poses good morals and lessons, unlike “Teen Mom,” “Jersey Shore,” and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” where binge drinking and unprotected sex become the embarrassing representation of American culture.  Each episode ends with the Robertson family praying and sharing a good family meal.  They also reflect on the lessons learned in each episode.  How many reality T.V. shows end in prayer and morality?

Not many when majority of shows depend on drama and fighting as entertainment.  I find it to be a breath of fresh air and I am (as well as my parents) at peace that my siblings choose to watch this show rather than MTV garbage.

When looking at those points, it is no wonder the show has attracted viewers.  According to “The New York Times,” the show has “attracted a vast audience for cable, 8.6 million viewers, the most for any nonfiction show on cable in 2013.”

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