The ‘Apple Holler’ escape


Apples left hanging on the trees in the apple orchard in October.

On a bright Sunday morning, my father dragged my brother, my mom and me out of bed nice and early for breakfast. Instead of the usual Capitol Grill or Cafe Agora meal, we traveled to southern Racine County. It was an hour long trek to eat at Apple Holler in Sturtevant, Wisconsin.

The restaurant sits in a red barn perched on a flat, brown landscape. Cornfields and freshly plowed dirt surrounds the farm. On the left side of the building rests another barn with grazing horses and bleating goats greeting the visitors. On the right side of the farmstead lies 74 acres of apple orchards.

As we walked into the busy lobby of the restaurant, we were immediately greeted with a sweet aroma of sugary treats like fresh apple cider, doughnuts and gourmet caramel apples decorated with sprinkles, chocolate or  just plain caramel.

Bails of yellow, green hay outlined the seating area. The tables were covered with picnic blanket tablecloths while the employees, who were dressed in overalls, served the hot meals.

On this weekend, Apple Holler offered a breakfast buffet that I couldn’t pass up. It had all of my favorites like warm, soft biscuits, breakfast gravy, buttermilk pancakes, and the king of all breakfast foods, cheesy hashbrown casserole, which tastes better than the Cracker Barrel’s.

Rabbits sitting and waiting for visitors to pet them at the orchard.

Each table had a little card on it that listed the other fun activities families could participate in after breakfast. Some of the activities included a hayride that tramples through the bright, green apple orchard; a petting zoo where guests can feed the ponies and pet the rabbits; and of course the farm offered the thrill of picking bushels of yellow, green and red apples.

After our bodies were exhausted and our bellies were filled with delicious foods, we packed up my dad’s red Chevy Impala with bushel baskets filled with honey crisp apples; a fresh apple pie similar to grandma’s; and of course massive and sticky, sweet caramel apples.

Needless to say, we have officially gone into an “apple coma.”

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