Tips for finding love locally


It’s Friday night and you just spent hours in your dorm room curling your hair, applying your make-up and finding the cutest outfit to impress your girlfriends. That’s right, it’s yet another ladies night out. They can be fun, but sometimes, a night out on the town with the opposite sex is desired. But when you attend one of 50 women colleges in the U.S., where exactly do you search for these male suitors?

Check your email

Turn your attention to your Mount Mary College email accounts. The system has changed this semester and now has a new feature. Just about every day you should receive an email from MMC-Announcements containing some useful information, including on-campus activities such as sporting events and upcoming happenings like the Starving Artists Show and Multicultural Day. By attending these and others like it, you never know who you might meet.


Follow the crowd

Set up a group activity. Don’t be afraid to change the scene of your routine and try something different. Just one block south of Mayfair Mall is Dave & Buster’s, and adult version of Chuck E. Cheese’s. With all the games they have to offer, of course the guys will be there.


Get wild

You can also try Buffalo Wild Wings, just across the street from the mall. With football season in full swing and the start of basketball season right around the corner, this place should be crawling with men. From the many TVs playing just about every sport game and the wings, you can’t go wrong.


One more place in the area to try could be AMF Bowlero Lanes on 117th and Burleigh. Midnight Bowl is a fun way to hang out and meet guys.


Date and dash

In the spring of 2010 and 2011, former resident adviser Brianna Glossett co-hosted two speed dating events for residents of Mount Mary. Students were encouraged to contact their RA via email to partake in the speed dating event. To recruit the men, Glossett contacted Milwaukee School of Engineering, getting an invite into the schools’ daily announcements.

The speed dating event, or others like it, haven’t been hosted since spring of 2011, but it can easily be brought back. Coordinator of Resident Life Beth Schoenwetter suggests students contact the Caroline Hall Council to try to and get it going again. She also recommends contacting the Programming Activities Council that’s advised by Amy Danielson to set up something campus-wide.


Don’t try too hard

What works for others may not work best for you. “When [you] just let go and stop thinking about it so much, it just happens organically,” said third year student Katelyn Malzewski. She met a guy through mutual friends on a group outing and even though it wasn’t in the cards for them then, he later contacted her via Facebook. A connection was made through this social network and they’ve been inseparable ever since. That just goes to show you that you never can predict what will happen


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