Getting Mad about March Madness

basketballSo, there is this thing that happens every March where a bunch of college basketball teams compete in some basketball tournament.  Yes, you guessed it, NCAA March Madness.  A time where you root for your favorite college basketball team and, more importantly, gamble via filling out brackets.

As you all know from reading my eloquent blogs, I am not a sports person whatsoever.  But, due to my dad badgering me (Wisconsin Badgers pun intended), I filled out one of those said brackets.  I didn’t bother filling one out last year but I voiced my prediction that Kentucky will win it all (I only guessed Kentucky because a sports expert guessed them).  And lo and behold, I (the sports expert) was right.

Because of my lucky guess last year, I’m thinking, “Hmmm, maybe my luck will hold out this year.  I should fill out a bracket.”

So I did.  I thoroughly researched (and by researched, I mean Googled) predictions made by the sports experts so my bracket could look legit (Also because I have no idea how well these teams play).  After copying the guesses and needing to do a few eenie-meenie-miney-moes, I concluded with these final four teams: Louisville, New Mexico, Georgetown, and Indiana.  I picked Louisville to win it all (I suspect there is something in that Kentucky water).

As of right now (and I haven’t heard otherwise), only TWO of my final four picks are still in the tournament.  WHAT THE #$%&?

Now, I know every year there is some big, upset loss and an underdog team makes it to the Final Four. This is exactly why I chose New Mexico.  When looking at each region, I guessed New Mexico would be the team that beat Gonzaga (hence, the upset) and work its way into the Final Four.  I was realistic… I didn’t pick Marquette or Madison simply because they are the Wisconsin teams or Creighton (my parents went there) to win it all.

No, I chose the teams that had the greatest odds to win, according to  all the experts.  The tournament starts. New Mexico (my underdog team) LOSES to HARVARD- a team that has never been in the tournament before!  To add more lemon juice to my paper cut, Georgetown loses to God-knows-who on the first round.

Now, at least Louisville, my pick to win it all, is still in the tournament (knock on wood).  But I am starting to question the intelligence of the so-called sports experts and the importance of seed rankings.  Why publically declare winners before the games start? And why list the rankings if the so-called “number one” teams aren’t going to win?

Man, I’m P.O.’d

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