Hello Sunday afternoon

As I take a break on this stressful Sunday afternoon and gaze out over the small, tree-lined meadow I see from my desk, I contemplate what Sunday afternoons will be like after I graduate.

It’s not anxiety over the job hunt, fear of how long that job hunt might take or dismay that I might not like my future job that captures my thoughts today.

Instead, it’s a question I ponder: “Will my life return to some semblance of normalcy after graduation?”

Have you considered this question, too?

I asked my friend Helle this same question while we were planning the graphic design work for the Starving Artists’ Show. Because Helle graduated from Mount Mary last May and has been working full-time since August, she is my authority on what it will be like to transition from college to work.

Helle assured me that life does return to a more normal routine… sort of.

As I sit here and consider her answer, hope begins to bloom in my mind (unlike southern Wisconsin’s taunting daffodils, which refuse to bloom). Soon I, too, will transition to a normal, post-college Sunday afternoon routine.

So what will the Sunday afternoon after graduation be like, since all of my papers will have been written, presentations given and readings completed?

I will be sad to have graduated from college, because I have enjoyed my academic journey very much.

But, I will also be excited because I will be free to choose how to spend my afternoon. Choose. That’s my favorite word in that whole sentence. My afternoon won’t be dictated by homework assignments. I will be free to do as I please.

I might go for a walk around Fowler lake in Oconomowoc; play fetch with Chowder, my black Lab, until he’s too tired to run; read an enjoyable novel; talk to my sister on the phone without setting a time limit for our conversation; scrapbook a couple of pages; or play in the dirt in either the vegetable garden or flower bed.

I look forward to enjoying these normal Sunday afternoon activities once again.

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