Review: Sarah Brightman soars in ‘Dreamchaser’

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Sarah Brightman shines in her new album, “Dreamchaser,” after a five-year recording hiatus.

Brightman’s singing career began as the lead singer in the group Hot Gossip with the disco song “I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper,” one of the top singles on Britain’s charts.

Later, Brightman starred in musicals, including Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats,” and gained universal recognition for originating the leading role of Christine in Webber’s beloved musical “Phantom of the Opera,” which she performed in London in 1986 and on Broadway in 1988.

After the success of “Phantom,” the soprano singer continued her career as a solo artist.

Brightman is currently on tour promoting “Dreamchaser.”

The album received critical acclaim, including five out of five stars from United Kingdom’s The Sun Magazine and Polari Magazine.

The album is ideal when relaxing or listening as background music when working on homework or studying for exams.

The album features cover songs, such as “One Day Like This,” originally recorded by Elbow; “Breathe Me” by Sia; and “Venus and Mars” by Linda and Paul McCartney. The cover songs allow for Brightman to sing the lyrics to suit her vocal range as well as sway the original genre into a more operatic style.

Brightman’s original lead single, “Angel,” sounds soothing and calming as her angelic voice hits the high notes in a sweet and wholesome manner. The beginning of the song sounds like blustery wind that transitions into instrumental music of violin strings and dramatic percussion. The lyrics are simple and thought-provoking with the opening lines “I am your shadow/ I am your rain/ I am your lonely, a little of your pain.”

The album inspired Brightman’s decision to become the first singer in outer space. Brightman has completed some of her training as she prepares to blast off in 2015 at the International Space Station.

Overall, Brightman’s album excels at displaying her strong soprano voice as she effortlessly holds the higher notes.

Brightman is currently touring the United States and will be performing in Milwaukee on Sunday, Sept. 29 at the Pabst Theatre. Fans in attendance will get the opportunity to hear her sing the title song, “Phantom of the Opera,” and the popular hit, “Time to Say Goodbye,” from “Dreamchaser.” For those unable to attend the performance, a previous concert was recorded and televised on PBS.

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