Students Impressed with First Days


Mount Mary University students, new and old, participated in new student orientation and in Weeks of Welcome events run by the Student Affairs Department and the Office of Student Engagement. New students started their college years last Wednesday through Friday listening to presentations by faculty and engaging in structured activities.

“We [held] an Edelweiss boat cruise social on their first evening. Students got to see Milwaukee from the lake, socialize with new friends, and mingle with student leaders,” said Anne Koenings, graduate assistant of student engagement. “[With] Human Bingo the students must introduce themselves and meet people with the description on the card.”

All students were welcomed back to campus with events ranging from morning juice and coffee, outdoor movie night and even a Brewers game.

These events were designed to reduce student jitters and to allow new students to gain some recognition about the campus and its services.

“Being involved in university activities, like orientation, leads to retention and persistence [helping students] make it all the way to degree conferral,” said Wendy Weaver, Ph.D., acting dean for academic affairs.

When asked about any events that impressed them or things that they wished there was more of, students’ reflections were positive. They also shared their thoughts about the future.

“It wasn’t so much the events, but everyone who sat at my table [I] hang out [with] now,” said Megan Kauffman, a freshman, who is thinking of double majoring.

She is interested to get to her classes and see what her course load is like.

Hailey Hove, a freshman, looks forward to all-women classes.

Girls are always worried about guys. There are opportunities to be more open. It’s a different atmosphere than high school, Hove said.

“My hope is that our new students have fun, get to know each other, and enjoy themselves for a few days, said Weaver. “They can [then] begin school refreshed and ready.”


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