The latest fashion trend…horizontal stripes?

Ever since the holidays, I’ve seen one pattern in almost every clothing store on mannequins, on racks, or on shelves at the mall: horizontal stripes. I’ve learned from fashion experts and designers that horizontal stripes should be avoided because they make your body look wider.   Since our population is becoming more over-weight and our society perceives skinny people as beautiful and sexy, shouldn’t fashion trends focus on clothes which give a slimming effect?  You know, a confidence booster?

Horizontal stripes have surpassed last year’s trend of a bombardment of sequin-glitter tops and bottoms, with a plethora of racks displaying many different horizontal styles: fat stripes, thin stripes, black and white, multicolor, straight lines, zigzagging lines, and many more. Are we, the consumers, supposed to figure out which horizontal stripe pattern is most flattering to our shape on our own?

The latest trend leaves me questioning my understanding of fashion as a whole, or do  horizontal stripes just carry a bad reputation?  Did the fashion industry brainwash me into believing horizontal stripes don’t work and I should stick with whatever trend was happening at the time?

Hey, I’m a girl that loves to shop! So I’m always learning about fashion and how to dress fashionable.  But really, horizontal stripes?horiz

I don’t know that answer to any of the questions, but I do know, that I won’t be shopping as much until the trend changes.

Now, I love fashion! I watch “Project Runway” and make-over shows like “What Not to Wear.”  Fashion trends like a wheel on a car move in cyclical ways. Eventually a new trend will replace the horrendous, horizontal one.

The saying goes, “all bad things flip to good in the end” at some point.  So for me, any unspent money, which would’ve otherwise been lost buying clothes, can be saved. But it won’t be on horizontal stripes.


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